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600w VAWT

Product performance

● Start rapidly under ultra low wind speed
   It can start generating power under very slow wind speed condition, wind speed 3m / s ~ 25m / s are the generating range. More than 1/3 of the time in advance of the general wind power generation, the power generation efficiency has increased of 30%, which greatly improves the utilization of wind energy.

● Mute design multiple protection 
   Super mute double design, with FRP rotor blades and airfoil, it's toughness strength is greatly improved, lighter weight, stronger tensile strength. Run more smoothly, greatly reduced the occurrence of crashing​​.

●Anticorrosive and antirust durability 
   Richuan generator has its unique internal design. It will work properly and smoothly under the arctic, high temperature, high humidity, sands blown even in the sea, with a high reliability. The life span is up to 20 years.

Quality assurance

● One year warranty for whole system
● Preferred anti-corrosion, rust-proof special materials and high-strength parts
● Adapt to the working environment temperature -50 ℃ ─ 120 ℃
● High standard anti-salt spray and anti-sandstorm test
● After several strong typhoons and wind tunnel

Product advantages

● Advanced aerodynamic design
● Unique waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-dust, anti-salt spray design
● Low noise design
● High-strength, corrosion-resistant special glass fiber reinforced plastic material
● One-year warranty

Transport and services

● Small size, light weight, easy to transport and install
● Intuitive online installation instructions
● Global coverage of the installation and maintenance
● Improved after sale access and service system


Product No.: RCVA-600
Starting wind speed: 3 (m / s)
Rated wind speed: 8 (/ s)

Working wind speed: 3-25 (/ s)

Security wind speed: 40(m / s)

Rated rotated speed: 150r/m(Customized)

Rated voltage: 24V(Customized)
Rated power: 600 (W)
Maximum power: 750 (W)
Rotor diameter: 1.5 (m)
Blade Quantity: 5 (pcs)
Machine weight: 60(kg)
Gale protectionthe unload and electromagnetic brake
Maximum temperature rise of the motorrated load 85 ° C
Operating Temperature: -50 ℃ to 120 ℃
Quality Certification: CE

    RCVA-600 wind turbine is using Six Sigma standard. Blades sophisticated aerodynamic design has a very low start-up wind speed and cut-in speed, and high use of wind power generation, can starting and running in the breeze. The wind speed is 3 m / s to generate electricity, to achieve the highstandards of the international wind power technology.
   600W small wind turbine rotor blades and wing is well-designed by experts, using polymer composites and double folding wing technology, with good toughness, light weight, high density, and tensile strength. Through dynamic balancing treatment, Impellers are smooth running, low noise, and effective way to avoid crashing​​.
    We have strict quality control system and 20 times harsh environment simulation tests for our products. To ensure our products smooth operation, free trouble. We support one year warranty, maintenance-free up to 3 years.
  If required, the technicians can provide tracking service. Ensure perfect installation and properly use.
   When you purchase Richuan products, our technicians will get details about your environment, a detailed analysis of the survey on your environment, to provide you with appropriate product configuration program and  detailed product installation proposal.
  RCVA-600 wind turbine can support appliances such as your family lamp, TV, electric fan, charger use.
  If you need more power selectable: 1000w wind generator.
  With Richuan products, you will enjoy the windy days to store your power. In other words, no worry in the power off time, Bright will be with you!


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