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See Denmark how to solve wind power consumptive

Recently reported that disposable wind wind power in China is very prominent wind farm the laboriously output of electric ruthless abandoned day Sichuan and wind power do mostly off-grid, usually stored in the battery can always hear, grid-type is also often related to. Here's a look at Denmark how to solve it:

Denmark is a leader in the global wind power industry, the proportion of wind power in the country is very high, probably 30% of the total installed capacity of the installed capacity of wind power, wind power generation accounted for about 28% of the total generating capacity. When Denmark's wind power output large, from Denmark to Norway power transmission; When the Danish wind power output of a small hydropower in Norway and sent to Denmark.
Danish national grid company spent hundreds of millions of kroner every year, for the expansion and strengthening of the Danish grid construction as well as inter-linkages with other national grid. Danish the powerful power grid has a nationwide coverage associated with its Nordic neighbors, which makes it the wind power can be freely transported across the country as well as neighboring countries. Danish cross-border exchange of electricity transmission capacity of 5,000,000 kilowatts, with a maximum load of about 6.3 million kilowatts, accounting for 80% of the maximum load cross-border exchange of electricity transmission capacity transnational networking is a strong impetus to the use of Danish wind power large-scale access and high efficiency.
As a non-profit organization under the National Climate and Energy, Denmark, the State Grid Corporation to ensure that all grid users have the right to equal access. Denmark hair, transmission and distribution the three links completely separate upstream power generation enterprises and downstream distribution companies are fully market-oriented, the main competition, the State Grid Corporation responsible for transmission and power dispatch monopoly institutions, both to ensure the renewable energy priorities of the Internet, but also makes the users to buy electricity is the cheapest.
Denmark itself is rich in wind power resources, accurate to day and even hour average electricity consumption statistics, and the integration of wind power data is updated every 15 minutes, the public support for renewable energy, cogeneration, biomass and other forms of energy have prompted Denmark to solve the problem of wind power to dissolve.

To sum up, as long as our right to guide the wind power market, wind farm abandoned electrical problems can be satisfactorily resolved, and in fact, the domestic wind power accounted for little power. But has expanded each year, wind power as a new energy, getting better and better.


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